designated hitter

designated hitter
designated hitter ˌdesignated ˈhitter noun [countable] informal
someone who represents someone or does a job in their place

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  • designated hitter — ☆ designated hitter n. Baseball a player in the regular batting order who does not play a defensive position, but has been designated to bat in place of the pitcher …   English World dictionary

  • designated hitter — n a baseball player who replaces the ↑pitcher when it is the pitcher s turn to hit the ball …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • designated hitter — noun count AMERICAN 1. ) in the game of baseball, a player who hits in place of the PITCHER (=the person who throws the ball) 2. ) INFORMAL someone who does another person s job temporarily …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • Designated hitter — In baseball, the designated hitter rule is the common name for Major League Baseball Rule 6.10,[1] an official position adopted by the American League in 1973 that allows teams to designate a player, known as the designated hitter (abbreviated… …   Wikipedia

  • Designated Hitter — Frank Thomas war 18 Jahre als Designated Hitter in der MLB aktiv Designated Hitter (DH) bezeichnet im Baseball und Softball einen zehnten Spieler, der in einem Spiel nur in der Offensive eingesetzt wird; einer der neun Defensivspieler kommt dafür …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • designated hitter — noun a ballplayer who is designated to bat in place of the pitcher • Hypernyms: ↑batter, ↑hitter, ↑slugger, ↑batsman * * * noun, pl ⋯ ters [count] baseball : a player who is chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in the place of the pitcher and …   Useful english dictionary

  • designated hitter — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms designated hitter : singular designated hitter plural designated hitters American 1) in the game of baseball, a player who hits in place of the pitcher (= the person who throws the ball) 2) informal someone who …   English dictionary

  • Designated hitter — Frappeur désigné Le frappeur designé (anglais designated hitter) est, dans la terminologie du baseball, une personne qui peut entrer à tout moment en jeu et remplacer le frappeur. Il est souvent choisi pour sa qualité de frappe. La règle fut… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Designated Hitter (short story) — Infobox short story | name = Designated Hitter author = Harry Turtledove country = United States language = English series = genre = Short story publication type = Magazine published in = Fantasy and Science Fiction publisher = Spilogale pub date …   Wikipedia

  • designated hitter — Baseball. a hitter selectedprior to the start of the game to bat for the starting pitcher and all subsequent pitchers without otherwise affecting the status of the pitchers in the game. Abbr.: DH, dh [1970 75, Amer.] * * * …   Universalium

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